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Our Services

Comfort & Convenience

Forest Street Compassionate Care Center offers a number of services for the comfort and convenience of our residents. Services include:

•  Multidisciplinary team approach to meet each resident's medical, emotional, and spiritual needs
•  Short-term rehabilitation
•  Long-term skilled nursing
•  Physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapies six days a week
•  Secured Alzheimer's and Dementia unit
•  Respite care
•  Hospice
•  Restorative program
•  Dental/podiatry/ophthalmology and hearing services
•  Recreational therapies including spiritual services
•  Monthly support group meeting


Our rehabilitation program focuses on helping patients recover from injuries and acute illnesses so that they may return home after hospitalization for treatment of debilitating diseases and traumatic injuries. We offer professional, full-time, "in-house", Physical, Occupational, and Speech/Language therapies to both our acute and long-term residents. While our skilled nursing staff attends to medical needs, our therapists help restore strength, range of motion, eating and communication abilities and many other daily skills.

Families and/or caregivers are invited to participate in the therapy experience so that they may be trained in the safe and effective care of the patient upon discharge, if needed.  Forest Street's therapy team is prepared to visit a patient's home and make specific recommendations about safety equipment or other provisions that may be needed for the patient to successfully return home. We will also assist in arranging home therapy or nursing services, if these services are considered necessary for returning home.

Patient Exercise Activity – Ambulation, balance, restoration of muscle strength, range of motion, wound care.

Occupational Therapy – Hand and arm function, self-care & feeding, activities of daily living.

Speech Therapy – Speech/language recovery, oral motor functioning, swallowing, dementia.

Important Features of our Rehabilitation Facility
•  Specialized rehabilitation equipment
•  Cable TV and telephone in designated rehabilitation rooms
•  Facility design that creates a safe, secure environment for patients of all levels of function
•  Well-balanced, nutritious ~ and delicious ~  meals; supervision by registered dietician; carefully respected  individual dietary preferences and needs; in-room dining, if needed
•  Whether an individual is recovering from a  debilitating disease (heart attack, stroke, etc.), learning to manage a  prosthesis after an amputation or reestablishing abilities for self-care, feeding, or communication, the interdisciplinary team at Forest  Street Compassionate Care Center employs the latest techniques and  processes to assure safe recovery of the highest possible function

Long Term Care

For patients needing long-term care, Forest Street’s program provides 24-hour licensed nursing care in conjunction with other specially trained professionals to assure maintenance of the highest level of functioning and quality of life for each resident. Our warm, friendly environment, personalized approach to care, and dedicated staff combine to ensure the delivery of optimal service to our extended stay patients and their families.

We take an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to each resident's care. Skilled nurses monitor and respond to changes or declines in the resident's physical condition. Dietary staff remains abreast of changes in eating habits, swallowing problems, or significant weight changes. Activity staff note for changes in social patterns and communication. Social Services observe for any altering in attitudes or behavior. Working collaboratively, the team strives to create and maintain a safe, comfortable, and dignified environment for our long-term residents. At Forest Street Compassionate Care Center, our staff takes seriously the trust that is placed upon them when a beloved family member is brought to our facility for care.

For those caregivers needing respite for their loved one, Forest Street Compassionate Care Center also offers this service. Please contact one of our social services representatives to further pursue this assistance.